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Welcome to 5D Diamond Paintings UK Ltd

We are one of the UK first manufactures of 5D Diamond Painting kits.  We create custom kits and our own kits right here in the UK.  Our passion is to provide high quality kits at affordable prices for both our retail and wholesale customers.  

A little bit about me….

From an early age, I’ve always had a passion for anything art related.
Always eager to turn my hand to the next project from beading, paper crafts, paintings, cross stitching, jewellery making and many more
lovely items.

I turned my hand to tattooing but missed the passion of arts and crafts, so I decided to open a bead and jewellery making shop along-side my current job.

Then one evening, I came across 5D diamond paintings on the internet, with my curiosity set at high, I purchased my first kit. The rest is history, I got hooked on this simple and relaxing craft so much that I decided to purchase some for the beading shop.

As you can imagine they did not stay on the shelves for very long. My current supplier, however, was not a wholesaler and delivery times were so unreliable.

It was such a struggle to find a UK wholesaler that could offer what I was looking for, so with a lot of determination, hard work, communication and support, 5D Diamond Painting UK Ltd was born.

We are now a family run business, helping to support small and large business, photographers and art designers of all ages.